Booking Sheet Opening

We are pleased to advise the opening of booking sheets will revert back to 8 days prior to the event, starting tomorrow 24th July 2020.  The opening time remains at 11.00 am. The booking opening times for the next week are detailed below.

Event Event Date  Tee Sheet opening date
Monthly Medal & Business Ladies Saturday 1st August 2020    Friday 24th July 2020
Millennium Cup Sunday 2nd August 2020 Currently open
Monday Social Golf Monday 3rd August 2020 Sunday 26th July 2020
Ladies Pink Day     Tuesday 4th August 2020  Monday 27th July 2020
Mens Stableford Wednesday 5th August 2020 Tuesday 28th July 2020
Ladies Stableford Thursday 6th August 2020   Wednesday 29th July 2020
Friday Social Golf & Twilight    Friday 7th August 2020    Thursday 30th July 2020


The Match Committee

Nedlands Golf Club

23 July 2020