The NGC wind vane has been a feature of the golf course for decades with many golfers relying on it prior to teeing off on the 1st and 6th holes.

The well-worn and rusted wind vane was taken down for refurbishment prior to Christmas and was recently reinstalled just in time for the Opening Season.

Missing the wind vane, a member of 28 years, Sue Dart-Kelly made enquires as to its disappearance and upon advice, volunteered to pay for the cost of the refurbishment.  Sue mentioned she is grateful to be a member of the Club and said that “golf is an important part of her life as it is for many other members”.  She hopes “the new model will see her out”.

A special mention also goes to Ian Mumford and Peter Boyne who made arrangements for the wrought iron refurbishment and to further save cost, painstakingly painted the wind vane and post themselves.  They are now working on the next project which is the refurbishment of the flagpoles.

The Club is indeed lucky to have generous sponsors like Sue and volunteers like Ian and Peter.