Why Managing Pace of Play is Everyone’s Responsibility

Managing pace of play is one of the biggest challenges in golf administration and is often a divisive and emotive issue.  Research conducted by the R&A concludes:

“…a clear majority of golfers would enjoy the sport more if it took less time to play; there are very few players who enjoy playing slowly or having to wait to play shots on a regular basis during the round. So, purely from the perspective of increasing player enjoyment, there is a benefit to be derived from improved pace of play.”

Whilst there are many factors (including course set-up, player behavior and the form of play) that influence pace of play, it has been a widely held view that it is the responsibility of the low marker in each group to ensure a group is keeping up with the group in front.  But is that fair?

Some of our low markers play most of their golf as the lowest marker in the group.  These players pay the same fees as everyone else and have the same right to enjoy their game without taking on added responsibilities week in and week out – often to the detriment of their own game.

Many of our members already demonstrate that you don’t need to be the best golfer in the group to assist with improving the pace of play, so let’s grow the team of willing helpers through our forthcoming Pace Leader initiative and build a positive pace of play culture.

Watch out for more information on the Pace Leader initiative.