Membership Options

Membership Options and Rates for 2021 – 2022

Membership Fees including nomination and annual fees*, together with the category options on offer at Nedlands Golf Club. Our financial year runs from 1 October to 30 September.

   Nomination  Annual Subs  House Levy
 Ordinary (7 days)*  $2,000.00  $2,810.00  $400.00
 6 Day (no Saturday)*  $2,000.00  $2,135.00  $200.00
 Mid-Week (Monday to Friday)*  $2,000.00 $1825.00  $200.00
 Country (12 games per year)*  $500.00  $710  
 Veterans (Existing Members Only)*  N/A  $2,245  $400.00
 Summer (1 Nov – 28 Feb)*  $500.00  $780.0  $200.00
 Non Playing / Leave    $150.00  $100.00
 Ordinary (7 days)* $2,000.00 $2 810.00 $400.00
 Ordinary (No Saturday)*  $2 0000.00  $2,195.00  $200.00
 Veterans (Existing Members Only)*  N/A  $1780  $200.00
 Country (12 games per year)*  $395  $710.00  
 Non Playing / Leave N/A  $150.00  $100.00
 Summer (1 Nov – 28 Feb)*  $395  $780.00  $200.00
 Under 14 *    $150.00  
 Under 18*    $250.00  
 Intermediate 18-24 *    $740.00  
 Social    $30.00  

* Additional fees charged for affiliation, insurance & golflink



Promotional Membership

Ladies Short Term Membership Summer 

Commencing 3nd October 2021  until 25th February 2021.  Includes 6 professional group lessons and 8 chaperoned on-course lessons with playing rights subject to course availability.  $770- Next course to be advertise soon.

Membership Details

Ordinary Members (7 days) can play or practice anytime (Subject to course availability). Weekday Members can play or practice from Monday to Friday. Six Day Members can play or practice anytime but Saturdays. Country Members may play up to 12 games and/or competitions a year (Captain’s discretion), must live more than a 80km radius from Nedlands Golf Club

Course Priority

Tuesdays – Lady members competition all day. Wednesday – Male members competition all day. Mixed Social Play available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays after the competition.  NOTE: Members playing in competitions have priority on the course at all times.


Veteran members have priority from 8am on the first Wednesday of February, April, June, August, October, and December


Ordinary members can play or practice anytime Monday, Thursday, Friday & Sundays (subject to course availability). There are also times available on Saturdays.   


Under 18 are all well catered for with clinics, competitions and coaching available. Casual play is unrestricted and competitions are on Sunday. Link to junior pages Intermediate members are 18 – 24 year olds in transition to Adult Membership who pay a percentage of adult fees with restricted playing rights


Enjoy the fantastic atmosphere of our magnificent clubhouse.

Dress Code

For details on our member’s dress code please click here

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