Dress Code



       1.1  Course and Practise Facilities

  • Generally accepted Golf Attire is required with Soft Spikes. Ladies golf skirts/shorts must be of an appropriate length.
  • Shirts should preferably be tucked in.
  • Tailored Shorts may be worn – Cargo Shorts and Football Shorts are not allowed.
  • Short socks/anklets that are either predominantly white or compliment the colour of other clothing are permitted.

       1.2  Clubhouse

  • Golf attire as outlined in 1.1 may be worn at all times. Golf shirts should be tucked in.– we do ask players to change their Golf Shoes if they are going into the upstairs lounge.
  • Collared shirts must be worn and tucked in unless designed to be worn outside the trousers.
  • Fashion Jeans may be worn at any time in the clubhouse. Trackpants are not permitted.
  • Fully enclosed Dress Shoes, Fashion Shoes, Sandals with socks or Golf Shoes must be worn in the clubhouse. No Thongs, Scuffs etc.
  • Caps/Hats must not be worn in the upstairs lounge at any time.

Members should ensure their guests are aware of the dress rules, both on the course and in the Clubhouse

  • On Course – Mobile Phones may be used only where necessary and should be turned off/to silent whenever not in use.
  • In Clubhouse Lounge /Dining Area – Mobile Phones must not be used to receive or make calls. They may be used in any other areas of the clubhouse including the balcony.
  • Smoking/ Vaping in the upstairs areas of the clubhouse, including the balcony, is not permitted.
  • Downstairs Smoking/Vaping is not permitted downstairs in any area of the clubhouse or Pro Shop and is restricted to designated areas and those areas that are in excess of 5 Metres from any entrance door.

The Committee

Effective June 1 2021