Coring of the Greens – a necessary evil

The first coring of the Greens for this year will commence on Sunday 15th of November and should conclude by Monday 16th of November in the early afternoon.   

The second coring of the Greens will commence on Sunday 24th of January and should conclude by Monday 25th of January in the early afternoon.

The course will be closed during these times to enable the Greens staff to carry out their work effectively and efficiently. 

The tradition of back-to-back coring at Nedlands Golf Club has resulted in providing members with excellent greens that are fast and true (and the envy of many visitors) all year round. 

Coring removes the built-up of organic matter and dead roots which helps alleviate black layer, a potential threat of root disease.  It adds oxygen to the roots system and the new sand provides better drainage.  The aim is to remove approximately 25% of organic matter and this can only be achieved from back to back coring.  Essentially, a healthy root system equals a great putting surface.

Judging by the high scores that were registered in the competitions after the last core, some members will be extremely happy. For others that like the greens a bit faster, we appreciate your patience.

Scarifying of Fairways

Fairways will be scarified on Sunday 22nd November and Monday 23rd November.  Please note that some holes may be closed and members must give way to the Course Staff during these times for Health and Occupational Safety reasons.

Course Committee

3 November 2020