Over the next two weeks we celebrate the opening days for the women’s golf season, the men’s golf season and our mixed and medley golf season.

We once again have a very full golf program supported by an extensive list of event sponsors, both corporate and fellow Members – to whom we are very grateful.  Further details are available via the club website or in the fixture book available from the office.

We are mindful of the broad range of golfing interests within the Club, from elite to social golfers, and we are pleased to offer a range of participation and course access opportunities.

Over the past twelve months we have had a very good inflow of new Members including intermediate (under 30) and social golfers and we welcome you to the Club. We encourage Members of all ability to gain an official handicap and to come and try one of the many weekly 9 or 18 hole competitions.  But if it is only social golf you are interested in, your enjoyment of the game is still important to us as participation at all levels contributes to the success of the Club.

Some key points for this seasons’ golf program are:

  • The running of the 40th Nedlands Junior Masters (Feb 28, Mar 1) involving the state’s top junior golfers;

  • 9 hole Medley competitions (male and female participation) on Thursday, Friday and Sunday;

  • 18 hole medley competitions on Thursday and Saturday;

  • 9 and 18 hole women’s competitions on Tuesday and 18 hole men’s competitions on Wednesday;

  • 6 major mixed events on Sundays throughout the season;

  • 8 pennant teams: women’s divisions 3, 5 and 6; men’s divisions 2 and 5; two men’s vets teams and one women’s vets team;

  • A regular program of men’s and women’s trophy events; and

  • A Club Championship finals day on Sunday 19th September with, for the first time, both the men’s and women’s club championship matches played on the same day followed by a sundowner and trophy presentations.

And, very importantly, these events are enhanced by our bar and restaurant facility offering wonderful hospitality, food and drink.

Regarding golf challenges we face, the three issues Members most frequently raise with Match Committee representatives are:

  • A lack of care for the course as evidenced by unrepaired pitch marks, divots and bunkers;

  • Slow play and golfers not taking action after falling behind; and

  • Members and visitors that do not comply with our very straightforward dress code.

Your co-operation is essential as we all have a responsibility to act in the greater interests of the Club.  We will continue to run pace of play and course care initiatives throughout the season so please get on-board, take affirmative action and help build a positive culture around these challenges.

Key roles in presenting this seasons’ golf program include:

  • Match Committee: Stewart Wharton (Captain), Carolyn Browne (Ladies Captain), Campbell Thomson (Vice Captain), Pam Ryan (Ladies Vice Captain), Gavin Furness, Rhonda Moore and Joe Alexander;

  • Ladies Match Committee: Carolyn Browne (Ladies Captain), Pam Ryan (Ladies Vice Captain), Rhonda Moore, Ann Flower, Mandy Sudlow-Brown, Kath Fordham, Honor Metcalf and Annie Cordingley;

  • Greg Fitzharding, club handicapper, rules advisor and golf article contributor

  • Brady Morris, junior coordinator;

  • Marty Morris, men’s pennant manager;

  • Cedric Bell and Brady Morris, tournament directors for the Nedlands Junior Masters;

  • Greg Paddon, sponsorship coordinator; and

  • Joe Alexander, mixed golf coordinator.

Competition Fees

  • Starting Tuesday 23 February 2021, members are required to pay all competition fees by cash or credit card.

  • The previous use of House Accounts to pay competition fees was an exception to minimize cash handling during COVID restrictions. This exception has now been removed and House accounts are only to be used for purchases in the Bar or Pro Shop.

The Match Committee wishes all golfers an enjoyable golf season and we look forward to seeing you out on the course.  And please feel free to approach us if we can assist you in any way.

Good golfing.

 Match Committee

February 2021