Course Condition Update

As we move into winter the rate of growth of grass on the course slows significantly, increasing the time it takes to repair damage.

It is therefore even more important for Members to repair pitch marks on the greens and chop in divots on the fairways and in the rough.

A walk along any fairway or green at our Club shows an unacceptable number of pitch marks and divots where there has been no attempt to make a repair. Surprisingly, this is out of step with the supportive, club-oriented culture that we pride ourselves on.

To improve this situation, committee members, course marshals, club staff and course staff are authorised to approach golfers to help with education on pitch mark repairs, divot repairs and bunker raking.  Members and their guests should offer their full support.

For Members unsure of what to do to repair pitch marks and divots the following links provide helpful video demonstrations:

Repairing of New Pitch Marks

Repairing of Old Pitch Marks

Chopping in Divots

Raking Bunkers


Match and Course Committees

June 2021