Coring of the Fairways and Greens – A necessary evil

This year we are coring all fairways, tees and green surrounds commencing on Sunday 21st of November and concluding by Monday 22nd of November in the early afternoon.   

The course will be closed during these times to enable the Greens staff to carry out their work effectively and efficiently.   

We will then core our greens on Sunday January 9th and conclude this by Monday10th January.

Coring removes the built-up of organic matter and dead roots which helps alleviate black layer, a potential threat of root disease.  It adds oxygen to the roots system and the new sand provides better drainage. Essentially, a healthy root system provides better surfaces for both fairways and greens.

Please note that members must give way to the Course Staff during these times for Health and Occupational Safety reasons.


Course Committee

18th  November 2021