Thank you to all those members that came to the information evening on Tuesday night. It was a full and frank exploration of the various issues we must confront when considering an outsourcing proposal. We appreciate everyone has different perspectives. Our job is to try and take all of these into account and then make the decision we feel is in the best interests of the club overall.

There were a couple of points that came out of Tuesday’s  discussion that we promised to come back members on;

  1. Slides: Attached to this communication is a copy of the presentation slides.
  1. Financials: We promised to consider making the financial analysis available, and we have agreed to do that. As you can appreciate, the contract cost is commercial in confidence, but we will make a copy of the analysis along with a breakdown of costs available to those members that wish to inspect it. You will need to sign a register confirming you will treat the material as confidential and will not be able to make copies. Please contact our Finance Manager, Wilfred Ong on to arrange to view the analysis. Wilfred is available Tuesday – Thursday. 
  1. Vote: Given the significance of the decision, we were also asked to consider whether we should give members an opportunity to vote on the proposal. We have discussed this and our view remains that given the lack of credible alternatives (and associated time, cost and risk issues), and our need to secure the ongoing maintenance of the course that the committee will make the decision through normal channels.

Once again, thank you to everyone that has taken the time to write or speak with us about your concerns or issues. We have tried hard to listen. We now need to proceed to finalise our due diligence and complete our contract negotiations with Profounder Turfmaster.