Sunday, 19th November – Wednesday, 22nd November

November will be a busy month for course maintenance with several major projects scheduled.

First, we will be treating all green surrounds with a selective herbicide named Pylex. The purpose of this treatment is to control the encroachment of couch grass into the edges of our bent grass greens. This is an issue with most of our greens and we now need to act. The herbicide will be applied in an approximate 0.5m band around all greens and over time bleaching of the area will be observed. This is a normal reaction, and the colour will recover over a few weeks.

The second project this month will be a full renovation of greens and fairways. To enable this work to be completed the course will be closed to all play on Sunday 19th, Monday 20th, Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd of November.                                                                                

All members are requested not to be on the course, including the practice chipping area and practice green during this time. The renovation will see all fairways verti-cut to remove excessive thatch and then fully cored using large bore hollow tines to remove large plugs of couch grass which will allow oxygen and moisture to penetrate to deeper levels. All greens will also be hollow cored and fine sand applied. All surfaces will then receive fertiliser and wetting agent to enhance growth.

The third project to be undertaken during this closure will be the installation of concrete soak wells in the front and right side of the 4th green. This should minimise the pooling of water in the area during winter.

We apologise to Members for the loss of playing days during this time however these renovations are essential to maintain the health of our fairways and greens.