By Craig Scott Marshall

The Fifteenth Annual “Swindle on the Swan” Golf Tournament took place on Sunday 12th November 2023 at Nedlands Golf Course.  This is an annual event which sees a team of Australian Golfers taking on a team of International Golfers in team Ambrose (scramble) matchplay and individual matchplay competition.  There were seven consecutive fourballs teeing-off at Nedlands Golf Course.  The First Nine Holes were a Two Ball Ambrose (Scramble) Matchplay – with seven matches / seven points at stake.  The Second Nine Holes were an Individual Matchplay Competition – with fourteen matches / fourteen points at stake. Therefore, there were a Total of Twenty-One Matches / Twenty-One Points available.  The International Team (as holders of the Swindle Trophy) required 10½ Points to retain the Swindle Trophy – the Australia Team needed to beat 10½ Points to retake the Swindle Trophy.  At the close of play – the International Team came in with 13½ Points and the Australia Team were on 7½ Points – with the International Team winning the Fifteenth Annual Swindle on the Swan 2023.

The Fred Wehr “Most Memorable Drive on Hole 1” Competition was won by Tony Cowan – somehow landing a beautiful drive onto a sprinkler head and getting an additional boost. The Carlo Bevilacqua “Longest Drive on Hole 2/11” Ladies Competition was won by both Patricia Noske & Jamie Wehr (might not withstand VAR scrutiny) and the Men’s Competition was won by Andrew Ogilvie (aka Joe Ricciardone).  The Joe Ricciardone “Nearest the Pin on Hole 3/12” Competition was won by Mark Wilson (with a pretty competitive 138cm – he holed the putt).  The Rob Kneale “Nearest the Pin on Hole 7/16” was one by Steve Noske (215cm – though he missed the putt).   The International Delicacy “Pie ‘n’ Peas” was well received – as we closed the chapter on the Swindle on the Swan 2023.

Swindle on the Swan 2023 – The Players

Steve Noske, Nikki Wehr, Frank Di Nardo, Fred Fernandes, Laurence Hansen, Dave Symington,

Patricia Noske, Jamie Wehr, Rory Coleman-Heard, Carlo Bevilacqua, Dave Kuek, Jack Woodward,

Craig Marshall, Jon Nicol, Tony Hudson, Rob Kneale, Akay Mustafa-Kamal, Michael Du Pont,

Andrew Bell, Scott Van Heurck, Tony Cowan, Krystyna Knottnerus, Mark Wilson, Matt Hayes,

Sally Wehr, Fred Wehr, Andrew Ogilvie, Joe Ricciardone & Carl Stark

Swindle on the Swan 2023 – The Victorious International Team

Joe Ricciardone, Mark Wilson, Craig Marshall, Fred Wehr, Krystyna Knottnerus, Andrew Bell,

Tony Cowan (Captain), Andrew Ogilvie, Michael Du Pont, Sally Wehr, Matt Hayes & Carl Stark

(Apologies Akay Mustafa-Kamal, Scott Van Heurck)