Captain Campbell Thomson, Champion Paul Baster and Sponsor Phil Johnson

The weekend of the 24th and 25th of February saw 89 players contest the 72nd playing of the Summer Cup in temperatures in the mid-twenties on both days – conditions were perfect for hot scoring.

The Summer Cup was presented by Trevor Rodda’s sons and daughters. Trevor was club Captain in 1954/1955.

It was originally played over 36 holes on a Sunday and played as an Open Event which became an invitational event and then a member only event played over a weekend.

Michael Giudici, Pam Ryan, Joe Alexander and Jorge Botello

This year saw the introduction of Women into the Summer Cup. The Match Committee’s recommendation that Ordinary Women Members be allowed to play in each of the “Season Cups” was endorsed by the Board. Pam Ryan took her place in the field and it is to be hoped that in future many more women will become eligible and play in each of these cups and of course in the Saturday Competitions. Hopefully in the future we will have a woman champion in one of the season’s Majors.  

There were nine previous winners trying to win for a second or third time – 1973 Tony Slee, 2001 Alister Miles, 2009 Joe Alexander, 2011 Greg Polla, 2017 Scott van Heurck, 2018 and 2020 Callum White, 2019 Jeff Lane, 2021 Gavin Furness and 2022 Don O’Brien.

Continuing as sponsor of the Summer Cup was Phil Johnson Plumbing and Gas and the club sincerely appreciates Phil’s continued support. Phil himself was an accomplished golfer at State and National level and a four-time Club Champion (1991-1994) and won the Summer Cup in 2012.

Unfortunately, Phil could not play as he had committed to the Rottnest swim as part of a support crew – not swimming!!!


Very much unlike last year when only 6 players were better than Square, no less than 20 players were 1up or better with the leaders 3 up –  so it was going to be a fiercely contested Summer Cup.

Leading the pack on 3up were Past Captain Stewart Wharton (5 H’Cap), the very much in form player Paul Baster (11 H’Cap) and Brayden Blackham (10 H’Cap).

Snippets from their rounds-

Stewart started from the 6th and after 9 holes was 1 down and then 3 consecutive pluses from hole 7 propelled him to his final score of 3 up.

Paul started from the 4th and after 9 holes he was 1up. Two pluses followed on the first two holes of his back nine followed by 7 halves which saw him sign for 3up.

Brayden started from the 2nd and he too was 1up after his first nine holes. A solid back nine containing 3 pluses and a loss saw him join the leaders on 3up.

There were a further 9 players on 2up including 2023 CG Dudlay Cup winner Luke Bai (13 H’Cap), Joe Jones(10 H’Cap), Andrew Frazer (13 H’Cap), Steven Noske (5 H’Cap), Andrew Roberts (16 H’Cap), Adam Wang (7H’Cap), Jimmy Smith (16 H’Cap), Nicholas Winmar (12 H’Cap) and Gavin Parker (4 H’Cap).

 Lurking on 1up was the 2021 Champion Gavin Furness (8 H’Cap) with the 2017 Champion Scott van Heurck (8 H’Cap) and dual Champion Callum White (3 H’Cap) one shot further adrift.

The 2001 Champion, Alister Miles (H’Cap +4) was square and leading the Best Gross on 4up or if you like 68 “off the stick” 


Another mild day greeted the players with a hint of rain. What would the morning field do?

Whilst out of contention after his first round score of 5 down, John Sheridan (18 H’Cap) showed what could be done and finished with a fine second round score of 3up which was enough to win the best second round trophy  – overall he was 2down.

Paul Baster completed his first 9 holes 3 up, but 4 losses on his last nine and one plus saw him sign for square and 3 up overall.

The ever consistent Gavin Parker (4 H’Cap) finished one behind with scores of 2up and square. The last 13 holes on the second day were all halved – if only he could have made one more putt.

Stewart Wharton completed his first nine all square and needed something special on the final 9 holes – which did not eventuate and like Paul Baster he had 4 losses and one plus to finish 3 down for the day and square overall.

So at lunchtime on the second day the leaderboard looked something like this-

Paul Baster (11)                     3 up

Gavin Parker (4)                   2 up

Stewart Wharton (5)             square

Ron Edenburg (19)               1 down

Andrew Roberts (16)            1 down

Would 3 up be a winning score? – time would tell and it would be a nervous afternoon for the leader.

So let’s look at some of the contenders-;

Luke Bai (13 H’Cap), starting from the second hole, was flying early in his round – 3 up after 3 holes and 5 up overall. Then disaster struck and he lost the next 5 holes. 5 pluses over the final 10 holes saw him finish square for the day and 2 up overall.  What could have been.

Brayden Blackham (10 H’Cap), also started with a rush – 2 up after 3 holes and 4 up overall Then things went awry and after 6 losses and 2 pluses over the last 15 holes he signed for 2 down and square overall.

Then there was Keedan Nelles (2 H’Cap), who after a first round of square was well and truly in the hunt for his first Major Victory. Needing to finish 3 up or better to snatch victory,  Keedan was 2 up with 5 holes to play. A birdie on his penultimate hole (the first) saw him reach that goal. Disaster on his final hole – OOB and a resulting loss saw him finish the day 2up and 2up overall – one off the pace.

Editor’s Footnote- Keedan joined the club in April 2019 and was allocated a playing handicap of 22, which in April 2022 was 12, in April 2023 4 and now 1. Not a bad effort. I have no doubt that he will be a future champion. It was also great to see 4 juniors playing over the 2 days.

Wilfred Ong, Junior Noah Kerren, Brendan Jones, former champion Gavin Furness joined Stewart Wharton on all square for the two days.

So Paul Baster hangs on for victory and his first Individual Major. He said in his victory speech that in 25 years  of membership he had never won a Monthly Medal let alone featuring in any of the major individual events and suggested that his wife Cath was a major reason for their numerous Mixed Event victories.

The best first round score of 2 up was awarded to Brayden Blackham(10 H’Cap).

Best Gross went to Alister Miles on an excellent score of 7up – or 68.69=137. His scorecards showed he had 10 birdies over the course of the event.  Overall he finished 1 down nett and equal 11th from his +4  Handicap.

The runner-up Gross prize was awarded to Brendan Jones with 2 down.

Editor’s Footnote –Like Keedan, Brendan’s Handicap has reduced dramatically since he joined in July 2020. From 22  in July 2020,  to 11 in July 2022, to 6 in July 2023 and now 1. Another player to watch in the future.

The best former Champion of course went to Gavin Furness – all square

TOP 10 – Paul Baster (3 up), Keedan Nelles (2 up), Luke Bai (2 up), Gavin Parker (2 up), Brayden Blackham (1 up), Wilfred Ong (square), Brendan Jones (square), Noah Kerren (square), Gavin Furness (square) and Stewart Wharton (square).

Thanks once again to Phil Johnson Plumbing and Gas for continuing their support of the Summer Cup.

Given the small number of course staff during this time the course was presented in very good condition. Well done Brad and good luck for your future at Nedands.

If there is one thing that could be looked at is the length of the light rough – but this probably will be a priority when we return to a fully staffed course team.

Thanks also to Sean and his house staff, Andrew and the pro shop staff and Zamry in the kitchen who all contributed to making it an enjoyable weekend for everyone.

Congratulations PAUL BASTER – a deserved Champion

-from Greg Fitzhardinge