Sponsor Tim Tan with Melvista Cup Winner Joe Alexander

Over the weekend of the 9th and 10th March the MELVISTA CUP was played on Saturday and the MIXED OPENING DAY event on Sunday.

Both days saw fantastic Autumn weather with temperatures in the mid to high 20’s.


In the early 1930’s Melvista Avenue was known as Mackay Road up to Dalkeith Road and from there on it became Alice Road.

A competition was held among school children to come up with a “single” name. A youngster named Lapsley won the competition with MEL (Melvista Waters) and VISTA (View).

And so the Opening Day Trophy is named after the street running past the course/clubhouse – Melvista Avenue

103 players set out in their quest to win the 89th Melvista Cup and Season Opener. Some were trying to win the Cup for the second time. Included in the 2023 field were the following previous winners –:

Sponsor Tim Tan (1995), Vince Caruso (1996), Paul Henderson (2002 and 2006), Mark Green (2015), Scott van Heurck (2020), Wilfred Ong (2022) and the Defending Champion Mark Matthews

Saint Quentin Dental, courtesy of Past President Tim Tan, continued their sponsorship of the opening of the season event and we thank Tim for his support.

The morning belonged totally to Joe Alexander (12 H’Cap) as he completed a round which some of us oldies used to refer to as “What’s better than Coke – 7 up”. An excellent round which would see him continue to chase his dream of getting to single figures.

His round consisted of 9 pluses and 2 losses (on holes 7 and 16!!!)

He finished with 2 pluses on the final 2 holes – outstanding.

It is fair to say that daylight was running second.

Wayne Ovens (21 H’Cap) and Peter Glass (22 H’Cap) were the only others to score Square or better.

In the afternoon Joe Ricciardone (21 H’Cap) was in with some sort of a chance as he was 4 up after 14 but 2 losses over the concluding holes put paid to his chance – finishing 2 up

Calum Lindsay (12 H’Cap) starting from the 6th had an excellent day as far as pluses were concerned – 7 in all. But 5 losses ruined any chance and he also signed for 2 up.

Phil Johnson (7 H’Cap), the 2023 runner-up, was 3 down after 10 holes and heading for obscurity. To his credit he rallied and 4 pluses during the last 8 holes saw him sign for 1 up – and hopefully a reduction in his handicap!!!

So, was there anyone else with a chance? And then an unlikely suspect popped up – Paul Jenkins (27 H’Cap). His last 5 rounds averaged 28 points so coming in his track form was not outstanding – but he had been having lessons from Andy Gott.

He started with a loss so things were not great but then the new swing kicked in (Including the putting stroke). 4 pluses over the next 8 holes saw him 1 up with nine to play. And then the fireworks began – 5 pluses and, a loss and a half, made him 5 up with the final 2 holes to negotiate. Could he pull off the inconceivable and join the leader – and then find out that he lost on a countback!! A loss on the 17th answered that question, but he rallied with a plus on the last and 5 up. Well played PJ.

Editor’s note – If you thought that was good then Sunday was GREAT!!

But all credit goes to the 2024 Melvista Cup winner, Joe Alexander with an excellent score of 7 up.

Once again, a big thankyou to Tim Tan for his continued sponsorship of the Melvista Cup – the Men’s Opening Day.

The Winners were-;

WINNER             JOE ALEXANDER (12)         7 up

Runner- up          Paul Jenkins (27)                     5 up

“A” Grade           Calum Lindsay (12)                2 up

“B” Grade            Andrew Everett (15)               Square

“C” Grade           Joe Ricciardone (21)               2 up

Best Gross            Alister Miles (+5)                     Square

Best past winner  Timothy Tan                           Square


The Mixed Opening Day was played on Sunday 10th March and Cath Bellemore and Paul Baster continued their sponsorship of the event. A beautiful day for golf was welcomed by the 56 players (28 pairs) playing in a Mixed 4 Ball Stableford event, an event much kinder than the previous years’ 4 Ball Multiplier event.

There were fireworks aplenty during the afternoon but before moving on to that we will look at the combinations that played very well but just not quite good enough to take home the prize!!!!

First there were the Boynes – Judy (37 H’Cap) and Peter (17 H’Cap). They started from the second and over the first 5 holes Judy was carrying the team and had scored 14 points. Another 3 points came at the 9th and after 9 holes things looked good – 23 points. With a “wipe” on the 11th their momentum had come to a halt. Judy once again righted the ship with 4 points on the 12th and then suddenly Peter woke up and had an Eagle on the 15th earning the team a much needed 5 points. With 4 holes left they were 8 in front of 2 pointers and looking good but whilst Judy added 6 points to the score Peter added 2 and they finished with 44 points and in the Runner-up position

Being on the card 12 times earnt Judy a Handicap reduction of one shot.

Then there are the McFarlanes – Jan (37 H’Cap) and Mike (14 H’Cap) who have a happy knack of playing well in team competitions, both at Nedlands and at Albany.

Starting from the ninth, there was nothing spectacular over the first 9 holes – a steady 21 points. The next six holes 2x3pointers improved their total but they were only 5 in front of 2 pointers with 3 holes left. Enter Jan. 7 points in the next 2 holes saw them jump to 42 points and Mike’s 2 pointer on the last – the eighth – saw them in the clubhouse with 44 points. This put them in third position.

Bill and Vanessa Stephen and Nikki and Fred Wehr were next on 41 points.

But now to the highlight of the day. Natasha Burt (39 H’Cap) and Paul Jenkins (27 H’Cap). The question was – could PJ continue with his form from Saturday?

Well, it did not take long to find out as he started with 4 points on their first hole – the second. Natasha then provided 3 three pointers of her own over the next 5 holes and Paul struck gold with a birdie on the 8th and 5 points. So, after 7 holes they had amassed 22 points and after 9 holes they were 27 an amazing average of 3 points per hole.

And there was more to come from this runaway freight train. Paul went one better than the first time around with a birdie on the 11th and another 5 points. Over the next 6 holes they added another 20 points and 52 overall – Paul had 2 4 pointers during these 6 holes. They could only??? manage 4 points over the last 2 holes and signed for an amazing 56 points.

The breakdown of the card was-;

2 x 5 pointers –

3 x 4 pointers

8 x 3 pointers

5 x 2 pointers

Congratulations to Natasha Burt and Paul Jenkins on an amazing victory.

Winners Paul Jenkins and Natasha Burt

Editor’s comment- Both players were on the card 9 times and were Handicapped – As a result Paul went from a playing handicap of 27 to 25 and Natasha from 39 to 38. I have not seen this before where both players are handicapped in a 4 ball.

Finally, thanks once again to Cath Bellemore and Paul Baster for their support of the Opening Day Mixed and congratulations to all winners.

Congratulations to Brad Hebble and his team – the course is returning to its former self. Keep up the good work.

The next mixed event on the calendar is the Millenium Cup (a mixed 4 ball Par event) which is scheduled to be played on Sunday April 7 and sponsored by The Furness and Botello Families.

The defending Champions are Anne-Marie McNaughton and Michael du Pont.

The season is now well and truly open and we wish everyone happy golfing in 2024

Note – when your form hits rock bottom think of seeing Andy Gott for a lesson or two. Paul Jenkins is living proof it works!!

From Greg Fitzhardinge